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[Lifestyle] Children:Schroeder

Allison has always been an upbeat, mild-mannered, full of fun type of gal, so no suprise that her children followed in her footsteps. Well, with the exception of spunky Sidney. She totally hammed it up in front of the camera!

From the moment I met up with these kiddos, they were all about getting their pictures taken. And they were up for anything, even Kate let me hold her as if she were my own kid. And if I knew the Sheriff wouldn’t put me in jail, I would’ve kidnapped sweet Kate and brought her home with me.

Luke was a polite little gentleman, even letting me hold his hand as we searched out places for backdrops. He will make some little lady quite the husband someday, but I know Mom doesn’t want to think about those days…yet. Miss Sidney, such a cutie, so spunky and fun, posed like she was about to be printed in a mag: hand on her hip, leg bended at the knee and a huge smile on her face! And sweet, lovable Kate. She is the gentle one of the bunch and I got a few pensive looks from her and a sweet smile or two. Especially when she held her baby, as little mommas do.

Mom has been a friend of mine for several years and we have a lot of fun memories to hee-haw over! It’s amazing to think of us as being parents now and we share the same fears over our children growing older, like the teen years. Because we were teens too.

Al, I’m so glad we got to get together for this session and do a little laughing and catching up. It’s a shame we don’t get together more often, but such is life. I hope you enjoyed your afternoon yesterday, I’ll get there soon! Your family is precious and best wishes for a new school year!

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August 5, 2009 - 5:45 pm

Laurelh - These kids are beautiful! Those eyelashes on that kid are to die for!!! Great pics Stephanie!!!