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[Events] Birthday:Braxton, Part I

Yesterday, I shot my first birthday party. Sure, our family was invited as guests, but I was also hired to be there to catch Braxton’s 1st birthday. And this past year has flown by fast…as years do when you have children.

The day was off and on sunny and cloudy, almost to the point of wondering if the forecasted storms would roll in to dampen the day. And the wind, well, not great, but the silver lining is that it kept the flies off of the food! But, the day actually turned out with beautiful sunshine and comfortable temps, so you couldn’t ask for anything more.

Ok, so on to the details. The theme was too cute: Candy, candy and more candy! Which was right up my kid’s alley. There was great food, which was right my alley, because these days, I’ve been getting an appetite. Or maybe it’s my baby boy with the appetite.

A huge tent housed the guests, where everyone mingled. There were many small pools set up for the kids, a bouncy-jumper thingy, and a karaoke machine. And I believe all kids in attendance had a great time, especially my three kids, seeing that two of them threw a fit when it was time to leave!

Braxton’s cake was too adorable and he just didn’t know what to think of it: a HUGE cupcake made specially for his special day. And the cupcakes, they were just too much! Like I said, everything was candy-filled, including the cupcakes!

The following is a collage of all the little details of the party and one of the birthday boy. Ashley, thank you for letting me document your little man’s special 1st birthday. The party was nothing short of fabulous and we all had a great time!