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[Children] Curls | Caruthersville Missouri Children’s Photographer

The first thing you notice about these little cuties is their awesome blonde curls! There’s something about those curls, you just have to touch them. And I did. Having kids with straight-as-a-board hair, I just had to feel their locks and admire how Mom keeps their coifs looking so good.

Miss E wasn’t feeling well all week, so she was still feeling some of the remnants of her sickness. But she champed up to give some of the sweetest smiles. And I loved getting to talk to her about her lip gloss. I even tried to coax her to let me have a little bit of it. No dice.

She wore an adorable tutu dress and had the matching accessories. What 3 year old princess doesn’t have a wand? She also had a cute green tutu that matched her birthday month and paired with those curls, she totally stole my heart.

Big brother B was a little shy, but working my mad social skills, he came out of his shell. He let me capture some of his cuteness, all while being a helpful big brother.

Mom, I had a great time! Thank you for planning ahead with the adorable outfits and I hope you love the images! Enjoy!

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June 23, 2010 - 1:15 pm

Ashlie - I looooooooooooove pic 3!!!! That is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

July 12, 2010 - 7:35 pm

Laura - Oh so cute!!! The one of the little girl and the lipgloss is just adorable, my daughter loves to "put on lips" too 🙂