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Session Information Senior

The session will be what you want to make it! We’ll shoot at any desired locations(i.e. urban settings, fields, your home, etc.) and bring several changes of clothes, shoes and any special items you want in your session! You can bring as many outfits, shoes & accessories as you want and we’ll choose which ones to use for your session.


Wardrobe & Clothing Suggestions
It is my suggestion to coordinate outfits rather than to match outfits. Coordinating means to choose colors and textures that compliment each other to give added depth and variety to your images. I try to encourage layering of clothes: shirts, jackets, scarves, skirts over tights/pants, boots, etc.

Below are some examples of clothing I like to see in senior sessions – some of these clothing styles are pricey, but the images on their sites can give you inspiration to put your own budget-friendly wardrobe together! (Target is my favorite for doing this!):
H & M
Charlotte Russe
Wet Seal
J. Crew
American Eagle
Abercrombie & Fitch
Urban Outfitters
My Senior Pinterest Board

Girls, I love the look of short dresses, sandals, hip jeans, boots or heels, and a nice blouse/top – just make sure to coordinate it all together! I love to have plenty of color for my sessions as it provides more depth and contrast for the resulting images.

Guys, rugged jeans, button-down shirts, simple t-shirts, and nice shoes, work best for your session. Again, make sure to coordinate it all together. And bring your GQ attitude!

For Fall/Winter sessions, color families that work best are browns, muted oranges and reds(nothing too bright), tans, creams, plaids incorporating these colors, coats, scarves, boots, winter hats, etc.

For Spring/Summer sessions, color families that work best are bright colors of yellow, orange, blue, green, plaids incorporating these colors, pair with sandals and cute headbands or little hairbows.

When preparing for your session, please adhere to the following guidelines for the best resulting images. If you are a tanner, please don’t tan within 48 hours of the session. It tends to make your skin a little orange/red in the images and I don’t want you to look like a lobster in your senior pictures. Shave no more than 12 hours before the session and be sure to lotion up immediately after. Razor bumps tend to show within 12-24 hours after shaving and this goes for guys as well. If you are having your hair done by a stylist, please schedule it within a couple of hours of the session to ensure that the style will be maintained throughout your session. Same with having your make-up done by an artist, and ask for tips on maintaining both your hair and make-up.

Please note that I shoot early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Please take into account sleeping schedules when preparing for your session. For morning shoots, get a good night’s rest and try to wake up 1-2 hours prior to your session. This gives you a chance to fully wake up, reduces red eyes, and the puffiness in faces. For afternoon shoots, please make sure you’re rested and given time to fully wake up from a nap. Make sure to eat a little something to give you energy and pep during our shoot.

What to Bring
Bring a light snack and/or something to drink. Also, if you want to incorporate something personal, please feel free to bring it. Make sure to bring plenty of clothes from which to choose, as well as jewelry(earrings, bracelets, necklaces), shoes(heels, sandals, boots), belts, hair accessories, make-up for touch-ups, lipstick even if you don’t normally wear it, hair brush/comb, hair spray, and whatever else you will need.

Most of all, bring a good attitude. Don’t get flustered over getting ready – I know that’s easier said than done, but getting worked up leads to stress which will be evident in your resulting images. This is going to be fun, so be prepared to be happy!

What to Expect
I like to have fun at my sessions – I tend to make fun of myself, as well as make jokes. You know why? These always get the best, natural laughs. Even if you’re normally reserved and shy, I’ll bring the best out of you. I don’t like the fake, “say cheese” smiles that you see in many pictures – it’s not natural. I prefer to get you laughing and get those genuine, real smiles. None of that cheesy, hand-propping-up-the-chin poses!

I like the editorial style of shooting my seniors, so I strive to capture real life, real expressions, and make you feel like a rock star. To accomplish this, I chat with you, talk to you about your favorite things, high school stuff, and try to engage you during our session. Oh, we’re totally going to have fun!

These are just few tips to help you prepare for your session. I look forward to our session and please don’t hesitate to email me at stephaniegreenwell@sbcglobal.net or call/text me @ 573.724.9202 if you have any questions about your session!

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