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{Senior} Stephen | Delta C-7 Deering Senior Photographer

Stephen is one of they happy-go-lucky dudes. Very vibrant, light-hearted, full of happiness.

When his mother called me last summer to book Stephen’s session, she told me that “he HAD to have his session with me. He will not settle for anyone else.” Imagine the steps upward that my ego took after hearing that. I felt honored that he thought so much of my senior work, although at that point, I had not shot that many senior sessions.

Nevertheless, we became Facebook friends and I got to know him through his posts and his excitement about his session. So, when we finally met up in March (after postponing his original session due to weather), he was every bit the person I thought he’d be. We shot around Kennett, trying to avoid what looked to be a rainstorm coming in, and we laughed quite a bit through the session, especially when we had gawkers when traffic was at a stand-still.

Stephen has a very loving, very supporting mother that he wanted to incorporate in his session, which just made my heart melt. One thing a parent can hope for as her children grow into teens, is that their children will not shut them out and still love us after all of the hormones and drama of teenagers goes by the wayside. I’ve not raised a teen yet, but I can only imagine, if my teen years are any indication. (Right, mom? *wink*)

Stephen, you are such a ray of light – full of inspiration, joy and life. I’m glad to have met you and your mother and have enjoyed many conversations with both of you. I know your positive outlook on life will carry you beyond high school and I can’t wait to see what you make of yourself. Best wishes and congratulations on your graduation!