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{Senior} Emily | Dyersburg Tennessee Senior Pictures

I didn’t know Emily when she messaged me about a session. I just knew she was from Dyersburg. And beautiful. Gawd, I love Facebook!

When we discussed her session, I had just started using the vintage car place and I couldn’t wait to get Emily there to shoot her beautiful images. However, we had to cancel due to bad weather. Then we almost had to cancel a second time due to impending bad weather. Fortunately, we beat it, just in time.

I also found some new locations to shoot her session, places that are ugly and yucky, but make for some killer images and very different from any other senior sessions I’ve seen. I’m always happy that my clients trust my instincts when I find these craptastic places and they are thrilled with the results of these images. If you ever see me driving around and not looking straight, you can bet I’m looking for the next awesome location. Or looking in my bag for something.

We topped off the session going to a random metal wall and were greeted by two women, one with whom I went to high school. They were absolutely hilarious, giving Emily shout-outs for being so pretty and really interested in the location where I was shooting.

“Ooooh, girl! What made you think of this place? Oooooh, weeeee, girl, YOU SO PRETTY! Girl, you got it going on! Can I get your card?”

Yes, it was hilarious and if you’re not laughing, well, you just had to be there. I have many stories of random people just stopping and watching a session in progress, but very few times do people just stop to talk and/or ask questions.

Emily, girlfriend, you know how I feel about your session! You knocked it out of the park and your awesome personality just elevated a great session into a fabulous one! I enjoyed getting to know you, and your goals for the future. You are one smart cookie with a sense of humor and joy of life. Your mom is one of the coolest moms out there, and tell her “thank you” for the hug! Nothing but the best of wishes to you in nursing at Chattanooga – I know you’ll do great!

Senior Pictures Photography Dyersburg Tennessee Stephanie Greenwell

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June 27, 2011 - 10:01 pm

Julia Brown - Emily is such a pretty girl and you captured her beautifully Stephanie!

August 8, 2011 - 7:41 pm

Angie Spain - Do you do weddings? My daughter is getting married in Sept and we still dont have a photographer…