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Welcome to the jungle, we got fun & games…And a lot of work to do!

**Read Part I and Part II of my journal**

Thanks for the many comments, emails and so forth pertaining to my blog. I know there are many of you who either have family here, used to live here, know someone who knows someone who used to visit the Bootheel back in the day–whatever your connection to our little piece of the Mississippi, I’m glad I can provide a glimpse into last week’s Bootheel Blizzard and let you be a witness to the awesome clean-up, volunteers, and so forth that has literally, brought the best out of the folks here. Well, with the exception of a few, who are stealing generators out of people’s yards, but God is watching you.

I also want to give a shout-out(“WOO-HOO!”) to all the departments of law enforcement and fire & rescue, the national guard, emergency workers, county leaders, city leaders, city council members, church organizations, and the many, MANY volunteers for the expended efforts put forth to secure our anxieties and make the Bootheel safe & secure during this crisis. You all rarely hear the praise you deserve, so from my family to yours…THANK YOU!! And to the God Lord above! You da man!!

Also, another big-ups to the power people and tree service folks. These workers have spent a number of days, and it could be weeks, away from their families. According to Transmission & Distribution World on February 3, “Approximately 4,000 line workers, field checkers, tree trimmers and other support staffers are still working to repair damage from a storm that downed more than 5,000 poles and hundreds of lines earlier this week. Approximately 30,000 customers in UE’s service territory have been restored.”1 With these cold temps we’ve had, especially at night, these guys have worked their fingers to the bone day and night to restore our power.

Ameren UE, Pemiscot-Dunklin Electric Coop, Kelley Electric, Pike Electric, J. F. Electric, RS Electric, SEMO Electric, Delta Electric(MS), SLEMCO, Rural Electric Cooperative(REC-Iowa), PAR Electrical Contractors, Asplundh, Nelson Tree Service, and the many other companies that I’ve missed, thanks for the fantastic job you’ve done! Also, if you want to contribute an power companies I’ve missed, by all means, send me an email and let me know the name so that I can recognize them!


There have been literally hundreds, if not thousands, of power trucks here to help get us back with power. What was estimated to be 3-4weeks turned out to be less than a week for most us. I know there are still many without power, but know that those guys(and maybe a few gals) are working very, very hard to restore our electricity. They really have been busting tail every hour of every day!! Anyways, just wanted to make sure those guys get their props!

I will continue to upload images from the storm and eventual clean-up, mostly of Hayti and some of Caruthersville. I have heard that areas around Hayward and Portageville look worse than this, but I couldn’t have combatted the unknown of Hwy. 61(or I-55 for that matter) on those days. Besides, I have kids who traveled with me while documenting, so as much as they would’ve loved to seen more ice, more snow, more flying limbs and trees, I couldn’t risk any more than the drive between Hayti and Caruthersville because that was dangerous enough with ALL OF THOSE POWER TRUCKS!!

Reinforcements waiting on the side of Hwy. 84

Ameren UE with many other power companies here to help

Keep checking back for more images. Trust me, my blogging of Ice Storm ’09 can go on for days maybe even weeks, seeing that I have over 500 images! I probably won’t load all of them because Google will kick my butt for hogging space some images are shot several times at varying angles. So, sit back, take a deep breath, and put something soft under your jaw b/c it will hurt when it falls to the floor! Here we go, more images of our neighborhood in Hayti…

Turning onto Meadow Lane from N. 6th St

Luana & Meadow Lane

Coming up to our house

The front of my house at angle(don’t mind the Christmas wreaths, we try to celebrate Christmas well into May! ha!)

Bell St.

Patricia Drive, just wait til you see the next one

This is just terrible

Rounding Patricia Drive(there’s a house hiding behind the tree)

Neighbors on Corrine

Even the squirrels are our neighbors! I felt so bad for them!

The tree on the left is in our neighbor’s yard; the one on the right is in ours, but there is a street between them

Our driveway and a glimpse of Corrine in the rearview

In our backyard, the pit was safe, thank goodness!

Our Neighbors behind us

Our Dogwood, crumpled on the ground

I want to hear your thoughts. Just leave a comment, you can leave your name or remain anonymous! Let me know what your association is with the Bootheel!

More images coming soon

1. Transmission and Distribution World, http://tdworld.com/customer_service/ameren-missouri-ice-storm-repairs-0209/

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February 11, 2009 - 3:25 pm

Anonymous - Thanks for posting your pictures of the ice storm. We lived in Caruthersville from 1969 to 1976 and still have friends and family in the area. We now live in Springfield, MO. and these photos bring back memories of our ice storm two years ago. We still have broken branches hanging in the tops of our huge oak trees in the back. Spring will come! God Bless, Jerry and Marie W.