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{Photo-A-Day Project 2014} No. 12 | Southeast Missouri Photographer

Photo-A-Day | Documenting my children throughout the year.

homework dining room girl photo a day southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell

Bless your heart.
And your brain.
The new school was a hard transition:
Homework almost nightly.
Studying, and practicing your handwriting.
Sometimes later than your bedtime.
Having your world turned upside down by
Math. My favorite subject.
Like tonight,
Dividing fractions.
But you’re getting better,
Day by day.
And your world has been rocked!
(To be fair, it’s rocked mine too!)
There have been nights of frustration,
Tiredness, tears, hair-pulling,
Broken pencils, and broken spirits.
It’s been hard,
A reality check would be an understatement.
But you know what?
As much as you’ve struggled,
And had to step up your game,
And put in overtime many days,
You’ve really made some
Big improvements,
And showed more discipline.
I know you feel defeated some days.
Your little brain gets overwhelmed,
Flustered and deflated.
But just know,
Even in my own frustration,
Just know that I’m supporting you,
Pushing you to your best,
Even if your best is different
Than what I knew growing up.
You are my child that I protect delicately,
And nurture, and worry about as you grow up.
Sometimes I fear letting you go.
But you’re my internal child.
The one who thinks and writes,
And makes up stories about simple things,
Random as they are.
You’re the opposite of my analytical mind,
Stimulated by numbers, code, and word problems.
You’re my little daydreamer
That lives in La-La Land,
Full of candy dreams, childhood fun, and games of play.
I’ve been proud of your accomplishments this year,
Even when the grades aren’t what I hoped for you.
I do see positive changes
In your desire to do better.
We are pretty much my polar opposite,
But you make me see the randomness of every day,
The oblivious nature of who you are,
But confident in any situation
Without even realizing you’re own fortitude.
Something I can say never existed in me
At your age because I was fearful and worrisome.
They say that struggle makes you stronger,
And with that, you’ll conquer the world.
You are a gem,
Even if you’re my little diamond in the rough,
You shine no matter where you are.
And that makes you so very special.