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{Photo-A-Day} No. 24 | Hayti Missouri Lifestyle Photography

Photo-A-Day | Documenting my children every day for the month of January.

girl sleeping in bed southeast missouri photographers stephanie greenwell

My first baby.
Hard to believe you’re eleven years old now.
I still remember the love and anguish I felt after you came into this world.
The joy in my heart, the pain in my soul.
The feeling of wanting to be your savior.
I still remember meeting you at six days old.
The first tiny baby I ever held.
I sat up with you that first night.
Holding you.
Snuggling you.
Crying for you.
For your present.
Your future.
Your life.
I thank God and my sister for putting you in my life.
Our lives.
You make me insane some days.
You have pushed me to the brink lots of times.
And I know I did the same to my mom.
But your little soul of happiness,
Your beautiful smile,
Overflow of lovely freckles,
Your need to please,
Your still immature view of life, and make-believe,
The random thoughts that you speak,
That crazy cackle,
Your big blue eyes,
The fact that you can sleep alone in your bed,
But still need a light on at night.
You kiss me every night before bed.
These things.
They are you.
Who you are, who you will always be,
And who your children will be.
You looked so peaceful and beautiful sleeping tonight.
Your face illuminated by the twinkling lights.
Wrapped warmly.
Loved fully.
Eleven years of being your mom, instead of your aunt.
Even the hard days, and nights, and the in-betweens.
There’s nothing I would change.
That once pain in my soul,
Regarded for your present, future, and life.
Now a distant memory.
Sleep tight, my dear.
Love, mom.