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{Photo-A-Day 2014} No. 11 | Southeast Missouri Photographer

Photo-A-Day | Documenting my children throughout the year.

photo a day boy basketball reflection jumping southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell

Good Lord, kid.
You are a ball of crazy energy!
Although you aren’t old enough to play,
You sure do feel like part of the team,
Well, any team that’s playing
On any given night we are there.
Back and forth.
Interjecting your need to kick the ball,
Like the big kids,
Every chance you get.
And luckily,
(Or hopefully),
Everyone is accepting of you,
the little boy wonder.
Mr. Randall is so good to you,
All the time.
Running the bases,
Talking to the big kids,
Like you were the captain of every team.
You’d run here. And there.
Turn and pull a dance move.
Jump up and down.
Sing something only known by you.
Something entertaining, I’m sure.
Because there’s always something
Random you’re thinking
That manages to be vocalized.
Like, on our way to the ball game
After getting some grub from
you said,
“M-M-M-Momma, d-d-d-diiiisss food warms my heart.”
I had to turn down the music through smiling
To have you repeat yourself.
It was the sweetest thing to hear,
But so random, that we all had a chuckle
At your cuteness.
Because your sweet, out-of-the-blue conversations,
Adorable face, and oh-so-sweet voice
Are your keys to the heart of anyone
Who meets you.
You are a gem, my son.
There’s a destiny for you
That I’m so excited to witness.
Something that will make the world take notice.
For you, John Cooper, are a treasure.
Full of life, and amazing self-assurance.
Not a fear of anyone,
And ready to take on the world.
But thankfully,
You’re just four,
And the world couldn’t handle you
Right now.
So, we get to soak in all of your
John Cooper-isms,
Making us smile,
Bringing out some laughs,
And warming our hearts.
Every day.