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{Personal} My Baby Loves | Southeast Missouri Children’s Photographer

I rented a new lens to be able to get closer shots of my son Brennan at his last football game today. I also played around with it that afternoon after his game, trying to decide if I really want to eventually purchase this lens. Omigosh! It’s so dreamy and the compression is absolutely what I love most about it!

Well, sitting about 75 feet from my babies, and capturing this sweet moment between the two of them while playing in the yard (Harper prefers to be naked, as you can tell!), has made my decision for me: this lens will be my next purchase! I’m super in love with this sweet, random moment between my sweet little babies. Mostly because, if you had been around both of them this day, with the fussing and fighting, and crying and whining that was going on, you’d know that seeing this happen after all of that just made this image that much more special to me.

cooper harper kissing siblings sunlight lawn mower stroller stephanie greenwell photography