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{Personal} Landscape of the Farming Life | Southeast Missouri Farms Photography

I’ve really come to love my personal shooting times, and teaching myself other things besides portrait work of clients. My interest in macro photography and landscape photography has pulled me in a direction of personal growth in my photography journey, and I have lots of plans for my personal work. The following images were captured after a storm one afternoon this week and I truly love the look of how our southeast Missouri farms look as black and white artistic pieces.

So, on my way to my son’s flag football game the other day, after the storm and on the cusp of what looked like another storm coming, I looked over to the west about 2 miles north of town and saw this glorious vision of storm clouds with the sun peaking through them. I immediately pulled over, since we had a few minutes to spare, and started shooting in this field for about 5 minutes. Those clouds and that awesome sunflare are every bit real, no photoshop nor overlays. (Check out the stream of the sun’s rays below the sun flare)! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do color or b&w, until I saw how dramatic and full of detail that looked far better.

Then I turned north and I was even more intrigued with what I saw there as well – more storm clouds and beautiful detail. Basically, it was like looking at art in the sky. I know it sounds hokey, but every time I’m out and about, I’m always looking, seeing, planning, envisioning what I could do with my camera with the locations I’m viewing. For me taking time to look around, see the beauty in even the most drab of places here in southeast Missouri, gives me a little more appreciation for where I live. I have long planned what I will do with my personal projects, and have been in talks with someone who is helping me plan my next venture, so stay tuned to find out what I’ll be doing.

For now, here are some of my captures from that day:

southeast missouri farms cotton field thunderstorm clouds sun ray flare stephanie greenwell photography

missouri farms thunderstorm clouds cotton field fine art stephanie greenwell photography