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My Goodness, Where Does the Time Go?

I woke him this morning to my usual “Happy Birthday to You…” serenade, with lots of snuggles and kisses and stinky morning breath. It took him a little while to get with it, but after whispering “I love you’s” back and forth and questioning if he was 4 today, or is it number 6, he chimed in with, “No, I’m five.”

Yes, my little man is a half-decade old! I still have crystal clear memories of giving birth to him after 12 hours of labor and the possibility of having to have a C-section, due to him not moving and his lowering heart rate and my elevated blood pressure. Thomas Brennan finally made his appearance to us at 2:19 a.m., all 8 lbs and 13.5 ounces, 21 in. long of him, on this day five years ago!! And I’ve never been the same.

At five days old, he was jaundiced and had to be doctored by a bili-blanket. I remember the first time he smiled at me at five weeks old. And at around five months old, he had his first tumble off the bed. How traumatic that was for me, yet if I had only known how resilient my little man was, I wouldn’t have cried in desperation for him to be fine. There are far too many memories for me to put here, but I will say that Brennan has brought insurmountable joy and happiness and pride into my life, and his daddy’s.

He’s been the greatest boy, temperamental and all-testerone, but oh-so-loving to his momma, and even more so since finding out I’m pregnant. He and I are like carrots and carrots, not peas and carrots, carrots and carrots because we both share the same astrological sign in Aries of impatience, ambitious, deep-thinkers, quick-tempered, and we are leaders, not followers.

I look at him everyday, every. single. day. In amazement. Awe. Mind-boggling wonder. “That’s my son, my little boy, my soon-to-be man.”

Just this morning, while getting ready, he came into the bathroom and the following conversation ensued:

Mom, are you a teenager when you turn 6?

Nooooo, you are a teenager when your turn 13.



So, when will I be 20???

Oh, baby boy, please don’t grow up too fast. And don’t wish away these years because you are only little once. Every day gone is one more day you’ll be closer to 20.

Have a wonderful 5th birthday. I love you. We all love you.

And you’ll always be my baby.

Notice the pregnancy bloat going on in my face!

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April 1, 2009 - 4:19 pm

Mary Marantz - awww what a cutie!! happy birthday thomas!!

April 1, 2009 - 4:26 pm

Christy - Where does the time go? I don’t see the pregnancy bloat…you look good!!!

Happy Birthday Brennan!!

April 4, 2009 - 1:18 am

Mandee - AWH…too cute!!!