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Landscape | Storm Brewing over the Gulf of Mexico | Ft. Walton Beach Florida Landscape Photography

When I think of the Gulf of Mexico, I never imagine a storm, nor thunder, nor lightning. No, when I think of the beach, I think of sunshine, my babies playing, gorgeous emerald green water.

The week that we spent in Florida in August, was the most rainy/stormy week we have ever endured. Granted, it was only for the first 3-4 days, but still, more than the usual sunshine-rain-sunshine again vacation days we’ve spent down there.

On our second day there, we came in for the afternoon to chill, take baths, eat supper, and before we knew it, this raging cloud mix came up and we were all amazed at how scary it looked from our balcony. Because I’ve really been into landscape photography this year, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to shoot this ominous sky, if even from our balcony. Because, let’s face it, I was not going to leave the security of our condo to venture down to the beach with a skyline such as this.

The span of this image is probably around 1,000 feet of shoreline, considering I was shooting wide on my 16-35L and I was standing on our 4th floor balcony. I love how there’s always a streak of green just off the coast in the Gulf of Mexico – always a recognizable attribute of being in Florida. The clouds? Well, those are standard, but they sure did make a beautiful landscape image for me to capture.

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