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Joy and Peace…of Cake, that is…

Lately, it’s been a bit crazy in my world. With the hussle and bussle of the holidays over, so begins the new year of 2009. I’ve been frazzled with my day job trying to get some bugs fixed in some programs and writing new ones, and after I completed a brain-drain task last Friday, I felt a sigh of relief when I left to come home(before picking my beloveds, of course.) *just kidding*

Then comes the selling of Girl Scout cookies, which presents its own stress: making our goal, trekking out in the cold weather, and trying to not to purchase 83,904 boxes of Carmel Delights(they were Samoas, but that’s another blog), because that would ruin three of my repeated new year’s resolutions: lose weight, eat better, and get in shape. Go figure. Those resolutions are never any fun. (Must be why they are always on my list.)

So, I’m thinking, maybe I should slow it down, take it easy. I mean, this is no way to start out the new year. Right now, I’m sitting here, holding a little one in my lap, drinking a 25 gallon drum of water and typing. At least this seems peaceful, except for the occasional dare of my baby trying to push a key, just to get a rise out of me. (She loves to push my buttons, no pun intended.)

But being a young, working mother requires one to become resistant to all that quiet and slow-paced kind of stuff. Some of us want our cake and eat it too, but rarely do both sides win. I don’t consider myself to be a super-mom or a do-it-all type. I just do enough to keep busy with my kids and to provide a little more for them by working. I don’t have time for anything else outside of our world, but someday, when they are all grown up, I will have more time than a clock.

But right now, for at least 2009, I’m trying to enjoy the immense joy they bring to my crazy life, and the inner peace I feel knowing that I’m their mommy and there’s no one else in the world they want to take this job, even if the economy is bad…

2009, here’s to you: