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It’s a New Year – Bring on 2016! | Southeast Missouri Baby Photographer

It’s been a wild and crazy year, and last year, I think I only blogged once. Twice, maybe? Well, we added another sweet doll baby to our family last February, and the rest of the year was just busy. Babies, children, kids, husband, work, business, sports, sports injuries, surgery. You name it, it probably happened in our world in 2015.

I kept pretty busy with sessions starting about two months after Eden was born. I slowed down compared to previous years, limiting myself to 4-6 sessions per month, but then reschedules from bad weather and clients needing another date, caused a backlog in the fall. I’m finally pulling myself out from under that, and I’m so very thankful to those clients who have been very understanding, patient, and showing grace to me.

With all that went on, I was not very good at photographing my sweet baby girl. Just her newborn session, and a few randoms in between. I know, shame on me. How does a photographer NOT photograph her newest baby throughout her first year? Oh, I have plenty of iPhone pics and videos, I just couldn’t get with it to actually plan a session. Hey, I’m cutting myself some slack – I’ve done pretty well on adjusting to six, yes SIX, children and everything that goes with raising and taking care of them. At least I have the iPhone pics (and they are all uploaded and saved to my hard drive on my computer, so I’m giving myself an extra pat on the back for that).

I’m ready for 2016, I have come out of that “new mommy” fog once again, and I’m ready for what the new year has in store. I already have lots of sessions scheduled – mostly lots of babies and children. For now, here’s an image of my sweet Eden at 10 months old sleeping with her Winnie the Pooh and Friends stuff animals (Eeyore, Piglet, Winnie, and Tigger). She’s even wearing her WTP pajamas (she loves those things!). I love this image so much. Such sweetness and innocence, and how could you not love it with those sweet stuffed animals in the picture too?

Happy New Year! I hope to keep this blog updated more often this year. I know, I say it every year, but I’m going to try once again. Have a wonderful and prosperous new year!

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