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Food, Friends, and Fun in the Sun

Yesterday, we went to Reelfoot Lake and we all had a great time, especially our kids. If I believed in reincarnation, I do believe that my children would’ve been dolphins. The kind that jump out of water and perform tricks.

They love being in the water. And I wonder why we’re not living on the beach somewhere, and in the words of my husband, “picking up cans for a living.” We all love being near the water, especially in Florida, but being at the lake comes just as close just because of the sand and sun and fun in the sun.

I managed to get a few pictures taken of the kids, but they weren’t that interested in my paparazzi-like stalking, and the warmer it got, the more I wanted to watch them play instead of snap pictures of them. Although I do regret not getting any of my son not only driving Uncle Randy’s boat, but also his perfect navigation into the dock slip, not once, but twice.

Nevertheless, we got a little too much sun, but enjoyed a fabulous day of food, fun, and friends. Have a great Memorial Day weekend and remember that we celebrate this day in remembrance of those brave soldiers that have given us the liberty to live in this free country, nicely equipped with beaches and lakes.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!