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{Personal} Blue Skies and the Mississippi River | Southeast Missouri Photographer

Yesterday, we had a lot of rain. And then a cold front moved in and we were all back to wearing coats and boots today. It was gloomy and cold all day, and then out of nowhere, the skies opened up this glorious blue color and the clouds floated like cotton candy. I’ve been waiting for a day like since I shot that image of the St. Louis Arch with the beautiful sky as a backdrop, and so I couldn’t let this day go by without shooting the sky. I even built up my nerve to shoot the Mississippi River. From. The. Bridge. I shot on both sides of the bridge and I tell ya, as fearful as I am of the river and its massive power and its secrets below, I am drawn to its beauty and strength. It’s a photographer’s dream to photograph the river, especially on such a beautiful day.

mississippi river spring day clouds blue sky southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell