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{2.7.11} Take me with you | Hayti Missouri Baby Photographer

I’ve been quite busy these days, fulfilling orders, working on 2011 stuff, taxes (ugh) and most importantly, caring for my children. And I’ve also decided to turn my Project 365 into a Project 2011 because I did find it overwhelming to shoot every day and post and be creative. Or something.

So, my Project 2011 is just me taking any picutres of anything – kids, papers, salt-covered roads – whatever I fancy. Some days, I’ll take a hundred pictures; some days, my camera won’t see the light outside of my camera bag. Because sometimes, it’s just feels good to be in the moment without dragging the camera out. And believe me, it’s hard not to shoot, but I’m usually enjoying my family time. Or fussing at them. Take your pick.

I won’t post every image in my Project 2011 on here, but just the ones I feel like sharing. I feel a little less stressed just being able to type that.

Now, if I could just drop this baby weight.

This image was taken on one of those snow days. Cooper had been sick, so naturally, I didn’t want to get him out. However, his older siblings went out to play and sadly, he had to watch from the window.