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Ordering Tips

There is a process to ordering prints from your session. From gift prints to wall prints to albums, there’s a variety of products from which you can choose. But what do you really want and need? Here’s a few tips that I’ve compiled when deciding on what you want to order:

What do you want? Need?
This can be the most important aspect of the ordering process. Do you want to display smaller prints in frames around your house? Or are you thinking much bigger, like wall prints and displays? Are you thinking about having a beautiful, coffee-table style ablum to display all of your prints? Think in detail about what you want to do with the images from your session. Collections are offered for smaller prints, as well as collection for large wall art displays with various finishes (mounted, canvas, float wraps, and standouts).

Will you be giving to family and/or friends?
When giving to family and friends, gift prints are a perfect option. Small enough to display in frames on tables and shelves, gift prints provide a level of charm and beauty, while not overpowering a room. Several gift prints displayed on a table make a perfect option when giving them away. Of course, you’re not limited to giving only gift prints, but these tend to be the best option when giving to many people. A ten-pack gift print set is available to clients upon purchasing any collection. This set provides a discount over purchasing a la carte.

Will you be displaying a wall gallery?
If you have decided that you want to have a wall display of your images, please decide on what wall or walls you plan on displaying. Think big for this project, beyond the typical 8×10, because frankly, an 8×10 is very small in proportion to a typical wall space of 8 feet high and several feet wide. The best way to plan out your wall display is to decide on what images you want on your wall. If it’s just a few, then my suggestion to go really large with a few. If you have several images you want to use, you can manage to have one really large print (usually a 20×30 or larger), then build around it with smaller sizes to create a beautiful wall collage. There are a few wall display collections with layouts that are offered, as well as custom-designed wall displays.

Do want you want a collection of all images from your gallery?
Stephanie Greenwell Photography offers beautiful, custom-designed albums containing the images from your gallery. Thick, luxurious, lay-flat pages make a perfect addition to your family’s collection of images and displays beautifully on a coffee table or desk. Proofbooks are a second option for keeping the memories of your session. Available in two sizes, 4×6 and 5×7, these little keepsake books are a simple way to keep your images for close at hand.

Are you interested having an online storage of your sessions images for a lifetime?
Digital files are the perfect way to keep your memories stored electronically for many years to come. You will also be able to print your files, upon recommendation of a professional printing lab. The files you purchase are for personal use only, and cannot be used for commercial gain.

Will you have family and friends purchasing prints as well?
If you will have family and/or friends ordering from your session as well, you will get the best deal by combining your orders, which means paying for the order all at once. In this case, it’s best to get the specific orders from each person ordering and combine with your order. Be sure to keep good records of who ordered what so that there won’t be any confusion when sorting your order.

However, if family and/or friends will be ordering separately from you, they may do so as long as you, the person who signed the agreement, approves of them making a purchase. Be sure to let them know how to place their order and the stipulations that are set that are set about ordering – i.e. timeframe for ordering, fees associated with the order (if any), delivery times, etc.

Who all will be included in the ordering process and/or receiving prints?
Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think of who all to include when planning your order. I’ve compiled a list of possible people you may want to include:

Parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, best friends, babysitter/daycare provider, co-workers, friends, and yourself. The best size in giving prints is 5×7 – it’s not too big, and looks beautiful in a nice frame displayed on one’s desk or a shelf.

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