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{Maternity} Where There Is Love | Southeast Missouri Maternity Photography

I adore this couple! As I mentioned from their one year anniversary session post, I met this young lady some time ago. My, how times have changed! I’ve now also had a session with her family, a session with her mom and the her siblings, this maternity session, and I’m so happy to get to meet this precious little one for her newborn session in the fall! Oh, not to mention that she was also my oldest daughter’s teacher this past year! I mean, Meghan is practically family now!

Through the several sessions I’ve had with her, there’s never been a lack of laughter, jokes, complete guffaws – I always know that the session is sure to be awesome whenever she books me. Nothing different about this one. Meghan and Trey sure know how to bounce off of each other the jokes and laughs, which of course entertains me to no end.

During one of our set-ups (see the final image of this post), I had Trey try laying his head down on Meghan’s lap, and then and there, the laughter went from funny and entertaining, to outright bending over in laughter with tears falling from the face. What was so funny? Remember the game “Thumbs Up, 7-Up” you used to play in school? Well, that’s what the pose looked like. We couldn’t stop laughing and making jokes to get the shot. See? That’s the kind of stuff that makes for great sessions – beyond the smiles, the poses, the locations. It’s about the fun.

Anyways, Meghan and Trey are now embarking on one of the most adventurous, most rewarding, most challenging, most heart-string-pulling times of their young lives: they are going to be first time parents to a sweet, blessed little girl. They are so beyond ecstatic to meet their precious little one, and I know they will shower her with so much love and adoration, hugs and kisses, tickles and snuggles to last for several lifetimes. I’m beyond happy for you two – you are going to make wonderful parents and I know your sweet baby girl will never know a day without love and laughter.

Much love and many blessings on your new adventure in parenthood!

“Where there is love, there is life.” –Mahatma Ghandi

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August 2, 2012 - 7:10 pm

DeAnna - Beautiful session!