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{Featured} Jessica Drossin Cloud Overlays | Southeast Missouri Photographer

I’ve been following the phenomenal talent of Jessica Drossin for about year now after another photography friend shared Jessica’s son fighting a dragon (such an awesome image!), and right then and there, I was hooked! But even more touching, is this image commemorating her friend’s baby girl, aptly named Harper Grace, and if I didn’t love her work even more, that image cemented it for me.

My normal editing is very clean and bright, but oh how I love the work Jessica creates. I love her rich textures and colors, and the drama that is so evident in her work. Looking through her work, I’m truly inspired and awe-struck and dumb-founded at the level of creativity and artistic abilities she explores in her images. It makes me want to go out on a limb and create images that reflect such a creative mind.

Recently, Jessica announced her Cloud Overlay package that would soon make its debut and I couldn’t wait! While I’m able to get wonderful images of clouds, it always depends on the type of day, the location of the sun, the amount of light reflected onto the clouds, etc., and since the skies aren’t always reliable on the day of a scheduled session, so a little help in post-production helps. These cloud overlays are a testament to that. I’m honored that Jessica has used one of my images (#81) to showcase in a slideshow of beautifully created images using her cloud overlays.

airplane clouds jessica drossin overlay southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell

red barn truck senior boy clouds jessica drossin overlay southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell