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{Couples} One Year | Southeast Missouri Photographer

I remember this beautiful young lady when she worked at Sonic. Yep, America’s Drive-In. Sweet, outgoing, full of joy and one big, beautiful smile. I had no idea who she was, but she made me happy not only by bringing my order, but that she did it with gusto and pearly whites.

Then, she asked me to shoot a session for her last summer when we actually met – like formally sharing names. She had just gotten married only a week or so before, so I was enthusiastic about the ideas that were rolling about in my head. After much thought, we postponed the session until their one-year anniversary to commemorate this special milestone in a young married couple’s life.

One of their favorite pastimes is to play Scrabble. I totally loved that game growing up, but I never played for points. I probably never fully understood the objective behind it, but I still loved it. Since they have bought the property on which they will be building their future home, we decided to set up there for some lovey-dovey shots and have them play their favorite game. Usually with guys, it takes a little warming up to start being affectionate with their lady, but this dude, ah, he was a pro and ready to play it up for the camera. (But he didn’t need much playing up, you can just tell how much he loves and admires his beautiful bride.)

Our next set up was in a grassy field for the picnic scene. Can I just tell you how much I enjoy it when my clients really go all out to plan their sessions? It really makes a whole world of difference when they want to incorporate their ideas to tell their story. Anyways. We had some entertaining moments at this setting – startling some little bunny rabbits, the thought of snakes coming out of the weeds and a few random flying insects interrupting the shooting.

The final shooting place has to be one my most favorite settings – the wheat field. Which, by the way, was cut down less than a week after this shoot. Bringing his guitar, he serenaded his wife in the field for some intimate moments that just absolutely thrilled me when looking at the shots on the back of my camera. I COULD NOT wait to get home to upload them – they were that awesome! We finished up just as the sun set behind them, amid many jokes and laughter. And probably scratchy behinds from sitting in the field.

You guys, you know how much I adore you two. You both are such a awesome people in your own right, but even better as a couple. You made it a true joy to photograph both of you and I found myself laughing at so much with you, as suspected. May you enjoy many, many more years of joy and happiness together and I cannot wait until I meet your beautiful children in the future. Much love to you both!

couples one year anniversary wheat field guitar picnic scrabble trunk photography