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Each original, hand-edited image that is created by Stephanie Greenwell Photography is the product of my time, talent and education, thereby making every image a copyrighted work of art. Reproduction in any form is prohibited and discouraged and can and will be prosecuted in federal court.

In an age where images can be posted anywhere on the internet, it has become a common practice to save images from the web, such as Facebook, websites, and blogs. However, saving a professional photographer’s images is a violation of Federal Copyright law, which provides stiff penalties up to $100,000 for infringing copyrighted works. Copyrighted works, such a images produced by photographers, gives the original owner the exclusive right to use and reproduce their works. Copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of such copyrighted work.

Therefore, each image and the Stephanie Greenwell Photography logo are protected by the Federal Copyright law. Please do not COPY, SCAN, PRINT, EMAIL, ALTER, SAVE, or DISTRIBUTE any images that are the property of Stephanie Greenwell Photography without proper consent or release.  This includes copying digital images from the website, blog, Facebook, and/or reproduction of actual prints.

I ask that anyone viewing my work to please respect my time, talent, and business. Thank you so much!

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