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{Personal} Roping a Bull | Southeast Missouri Child Photography

I’m a sucker for silhouettes with a story.

I took my children to our local pumpkin farm for the day. (My husband was out of town, so I just made the most of taking them out for the day alone). We had a good time for the most part – sometimes, with five children, there will usually be a fight, an argument, some griping, or whatever, and you just have to deal with it. And of course, we had all of it shortly upon arrival, but the day progressed nicely.

Near the end of our day at Beggs Family Farm, the kids enjoyed a ride on the “horses” getting to rope “cattle” and since the sun was slowly setting, I took the opportunity to shoot some silhouettes.

The following is one of my favorites from the day – that’s my youngest son, John Cooper, getting his lasso ready for the capture. And he will be celebrating his 4th birthday in a few days, so this is one of those images that commemorates his final days of being three years old.

silhouette beggs farm roping cattle lasso sunset southeast missouri stephanie greenwell photography