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Out with the Old, in with 2012 | Southeast Missouri Photographer

So, I’ve almost neglected my blog for the past several months, something I said I’d never do. (For the record, never say “never.”) After finding out that we were expecting another bundle of joy back in early August, I got really swamped with exhaustion, tiredness, 4 growing and energetic kids, not to mention my already packed schedule for shoots, I just took a break from blogging. Not because I wanted to, but something had to give and the time I spend blogging gave me a little time to do other things when I decided to keep the blog to a minimum. Probably not a wise choice, for the time being, but it had to be done.

Needless to say, I’m in the final trimester of this pregnancy, and I’m winding down a bit on sessions, so I hope to blog each and every one of the sessions I’ve had in the past 6 months that haven’t made it here yet. From families to kiddos to my fabulous seniors, there are some pretty awesome images I want to share. I have some personal stories as well that I hope to sprinkle in here to break up the business part of blogging.

For now, I want to tell everyone who has followed my work, on this blog and on Facebook, that you all have helped make Stephanie Greenwell Photography what is today. Finishing up my 3rd full year of business, I’m going into my 4th year of photography and business with great hopes and aspirations for an even greater 2012. I’ve had a great clientele over the years, and 2011 has seen my best year so far, producing more beautiful work than the year before and I can only hope it continues in the same direction. 2011 has been a very prosperous year and certainly full of unexpected blessings.

Each of my clients has brought me greater knowledge about the kind of photographer I want to be, and that’s the kind of photographer that others seek out to fulfill the creative process that goes into producing beautiful images that can be enjoyed for many, many years to come. I used to feel like I needed to follow what others are doing, and while I still find inspiration in that, I want to do my thing without any reservation, which also includes how I run my business. I’m starting to find that when clients book me, there’s a theme amongst them – they hired me because they love my style. And frankly, that makes me proud that I’m finally getting the results I wanted from the clients that choose to hire me.

So, with that, here’s hoping for a new, creativity-fueled 2012, with great clients full of ideas and discerning tastes about how they want their images to be produced. I can’t wait to get rolling with 2012, starting with a couple of seniors I have booked for this month. For now, the following image is from one of my favorite clients. This image was recently chosen by Color, Inc. as their Pic of the Day and will be used in products for showcase at events such as trade-shows, School of Photography, etc. Although I can’t take full credit for the scene set up by my client, I love that my clients do put so much thought into their sessions and choose me to capture their ideas. From the set-up, to the wardrobe choice, to the sweetness captured between mother and daughter, to the beautiful late-afternoon light, it’s by far one of my favorite images to date. Heck, the session is one of my favorite, and I’ll share more at a later date.

Have a wonderful, prosperous, creative 2012! I can’t wait to share with you all what my 2012 will bring!

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