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Field of Beautiful Boys and a Red Dress | Hayti Missouri Family Photographer

What can I say about this session? A beautiful field, a beautiful mom, and her beautiful boys. Oh, and the beautiful red dress!

This is my third session with this mother. First was her maternity session when she was pregnant with her youngest son, then I shot their newborn session shortly thereafter. So when Mom emailed me about this session and her ideas, I of course, was very excited! She texted various images of dresses that she possibly wanted to use. When I saw the red dress, I just had the perfect setting in mind: a field of yellow, weedy flowers on a bright sunny morning. Oh, and let’s not dismiss the awesome styling for the boys – cute little blue & white gingham shorts with red belts and adorable Polo button ups. And the sweet little bare feet.

Mr. S (the oldest) and Little W (the baby) were so good at their session, even the early morning heat. Mr. S is quite the talker and not a shy bone exists in his body. Sounds a lot like my own little 5 year old sassy daughter. He actually showed me how he wanted to stand (I didn’t call it “posing” because kids start doing this crazy thing with their hips when you tell them to “pose”!) He’s quite the awesome big brother to Little W and managed to be a big helper when setting up their sibling shots.

Now, to the red dress. Oh, my! This fabulous red, flowing dress! Mom is a hottie and makes moms like me feel like a fat cow when standing next to her tiny, petite frame! With two kids under her belt (no pun intended!), you’d never know by looking at her. Yeah, she’s one of those moms. But you gotta love her – she’s got it going on. Ok, on to the red dress, er, session.

When she got out of her vehicle, I was just in awe and so happy that I was getting to shoot this session. I can’t say it enough when I say that I love when clients really think about their session. I’m not “shutter-pusher” but a creative junkie, striving for uniqueness in my sessions that sets me apart from any other photographer in the area. When clients come to me with their creative side, it’s like a kid in a candy store: immediate sugar rush. Pairing this dress with the the field of yellow flowers set against the backdrop of a beautiful rising sun just made me love my job even more.

After the field, we hit up the urban setting for the next set. And again, Mom knocked it out of the park with the sense of style with this black sequined dress and her boys styled to match. Then the boys changed for another set in their stylish little Toms shoes. How awesome is that? One of my favorite sibling images came from this location when Mr. S sweetly kissed his little brother and Mom thought so as well, since she purchased a wall print of this perfectly sweet image.

Mom, thank you for being one truly awesome client who finds that photography is so much more than just pictures and so much more about art. You truly make my job easier and give me that creative fix that I need. You are a truly a great mom, doing what you can to make the best life for your babies that you possibly can. I’m glad that we’ve become friends and that your big boy is sweet on my baby girl. I can’t wait to work together again!

field flowers red dress baby boy boy brothers family stephanie greenwell

field flowers red dress baby boy boy brothers family stephanie greenwell

field flowers red dress baby boy boy brothers family stephanie greenwell

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September 7, 2011 - 9:09 am

tamsen - oh man! i would totally be on a high driving away from that session as well! how incredibly gorgeous and FUN! Great shots Steph!