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[Personal] Halloween 2010 | Southeast Missouri Photographer

Again? It’s already Halloween again? My baby John Cooper was supposed to be a Halloween 2009 baby. That was his official date to be born. Obviously, he had other plans. Seeing that he was only 5 days old on Halloween last year(and the fright of H1N1 lingered so closely), he didn’t actually get to trick-or-treat. […]

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{Personal} One | Hayti Missouri Baby Photographer

John Cooper. It didn’t sit well with me at first. I’ve never been a “two-name” kind of person. Unless I need to make my point. When your Daddy and I finally agreed on a name, we didn’t imagine that you’d be a two-namer. It was your older siblings that set this in stone. After telling […]

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I Can Do It Myself | Hayti Missouri Child Photographer

Sugar Bear. You have completely exhausted me today. I can’t even believe that I’m blogging tonight. You’ve fussed at me. You refused to pick up toys. You’ve stated to me that you are mad at me. More than once. You cried over being the first to take your bath tonight. You yelled at me because […]

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Dinosaur King Turns 6 Today | Hayti Missouri Photographer

My dear sweet Dinosaur King, Today is your 6th birthday, and I find it almost impossible to type that without an ocean of tears in my eyes. It really seems like yesterday when I discovered I was pregnant with you. Oh, shocked couldn’t even begin to scratch the surface. And neither does my love for […]

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In front | Stephanie Greenwell Photography

Being a person who photographs other people, it’s very uncommon to find myself in front of the camera. Mostly because no one in my house knows how to operate the dang thing, but also because I’m protective of my camera. I know, I know. It’s just a camera. I mean my life doesn’t revolve around […]

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Slackers Anonymous | Hayti Missouri Photographer

I’ve been so bad. Remember when I said I would be blogging more in 2010? Yeah, that time and that other time. Uh-huh, I totally fell flat on that 2010 resolution. To tell the truth, I really thought I would get with the program, but it’s really hard to do. You see, going back to […]

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