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{Couples} One Year | Southeast Missouri Photographer

I remember this beautiful young lady when she worked at Sonic. Yep, America’s Drive-In. Sweet, outgoing, full of joy and one big, beautiful smile. I had no idea who she was, but she made me happy not only by bringing my order, but that she did it with gusto and pearly whites. Then, she asked […]

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[Engaged] Ashley + Joel | Hayti Missouri Photographer

Frank and Ava. World War II. Casablanca. Tracy and Hepburn. Presidents Roosevelt and Truman. Pin curls. Dior. It’s a Wonderful Life. Humprhey Bogart. Chanel no 5. Fred and Ginger. Ashley had it in her mind. A 1940’s-inspired engagement shoot. She enthusiastically conveyed it to me on the phone the night before. We talked about “The […]

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