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UPDATE[3.11.09]: THERE ARE NOW 3 SESSIONS LEFT!!! Bust a move!

So, daddies, are you puzzled about what to give your lady, the mother of your precious angels, for Mother’s Day?

And hot mommas, are you trying to figure out something better than a tie to present to the father of your little ankle-biters for Father’s Day?

How about a sweet little custom photography package to remind them of the greatest thing they’ve ever accomplished! Sweeeeeet, now that’s an “AWE”nnouncement!!

I’m having what is called a “mini-session” in April for families interested in having the images of their children forever engrained in photos. This session will be a 20-30 minute session at the specified location and the specified date(I’ll let you know the deets[details] upon booking).

For this mini-session, there will be NO SESSION FEE!!! What?!? Yeah, you read me right! And you can choose from any of my custom collections and/or digital images and you will also receive an additional free 5×7 with the purchase of the Essential, Classic or Ultimate Collection!!

I know, you don’t have tell me, I. Totally. R-O-C-K! Just put me on a stage with Def Leppard or Bon Jovi because I rock that much!

So, how can it get any sweeter, you ask? Well, let me tell ya–if you book for this session, you’ll get 50% off your session fee when you book for an appointment at a later date(oh, and I just might throw in a freebie too!)

The Collections* as follows:

__________Basic Collection[one.pose]::$35
__________Essential Collection[two.poses]::$65
__________Classic Collection[three.poses]::$135
__________Ultimate Collection[three.poses]::$175

*Up to 3 people per session[$10 for each additional]. Only three(3) poses total for this session will be available. Check out my pricing list for more information and $35 will due on the day of the shoot. Payment will be due in full upon final purchase of package(s). FYI: You can purchase digital images of this session for $40 per image or $100 for all three. With a package, it will be $30 per image.

And, (there’s more?), when you book your session, you will receive 10% off any storyboard collections[collages]! One last thing, I promise, one lucky person will win a free 2 image storyboard collage! Now, I’m triple rockin’! I’ll throw in a little G’n’R with that one!

So, let’s recap…

  • A Custom Photography session with NO SESSION FEE
  • A free 5×7 with the purchase of the Essential, Classic or Ultimate Collections([1] 5×7 per client session)
  • 10% off any Storyboard Collection[Collages]
  • One lucky thang will win a 2-image Storyboard
  • 50% off your next session fee
  • One personal jam session with Jon & Richie!
  • Just kidding on that last one, but dang, you know you’re gettin’ a good deal without them!

So, you need to book early, because I’m only taking 10 appointments for this session, so call me [724.9202] or email me [stephaniegreenwell@sbcglobal.net] to schedule today! Don’t just stand there, bust-a-move!

For now, I’ll be livin’ on a prayer
[Look closely, you’ll me see filling in for Richie!]