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Super Senior Announcement | Southeast Missouri Senior Photographer

Well, it’s been a long time comin’.  I had planned to announce this right as the new year started, and well, with the new year comes new worries, tasks, business goals, and weight-shedding. Guess which one hasn’t even scratched the surface?

Back in August 2010, I announced the Super Senior Contest for a deserving senior in Pemiscot County. I received some very special nominations and while I love being able to give like this, I also find it very difficult to choose. So, I don’t. I make random people pick. This relieves my yearning to pick every nominee, while relieving the guilt.

Today, I wrote down each name on a little piece of paper and balled them up in my hand. I had a friend of mine choose the best 2 out of 3. The first name came up: Destiny. I put a little mark by her name on my list. I balled the piece of paper up again and put it back in with the other pieces of paper. My friend drew a second time, without looking, I might add. And wouldn’t you know it?

She drew Destiny again!

While I would love to share the email that I received for the nomination, I do also understand that teenagers don’t always like for their personal trials and tribulations to be shared with the world, so out of privacy, I will not post the details. But I will say that Destiny is smart, bright, and actively participates in her school, as well as all of the nominations.

Congratulations Destiny! I’m looking forward to our session together! Please contact me so that we can schedule your session. Meghan, you will receive a $100 print credit as well as 50% off your session fee for nominating the winner Super Senior.

Lastly, I do not want to discount the other nominations, and I have found that there are still good, caring people that show prevailing faith in our youth, especially those who have been dealt a difficult hand. In honor of and to those nominated seniors, I would like to offer a $50 discount on the 2011 Senior Express Session – I’d love to work with you.

Congrats to all of Southeast Missouri’s 2011 Seniors!

Here’s a look at a Senior 2011 display at Hayden’s Pharmacy in Caruthersville, MO(iPhone pic):