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Cyber Monday Sale and More News | Hayti Missouri Photographer

Sooooooo. Kick me.

I’ve been a blog slacker. Again.

Seriously, my life is way too busy these days and I’ve been totally preoccupied with everything else, so I’ve neglected this blog. Yeah, this blog. Which brings me to another annoucement.

I’ve been in the process of rebranding my business, with a new look along with redesigning my new blog and website. (It’s so purty, by the way.) My initial plan was to go live on Thanksgiving, but a few minor setbacks, not to mention the busy holiday, put it on the backburner again. So I have every intention to announce it before Christmas. *crosses fingers*

Until then, if you are a recent client and you haven’t seen your blog post, you will be featured on my new blog, as I’m holding off on putting anything else on this current blog.

And since I didn’t get time to say it on Thanksgiving, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to each and every client in 2010 who has made this the best year for Stephanie Greenwell Photography yet. Thank you for choosing me, even when you clearly have a choice to go with anyone else. Thank you for believing in me, my efforts, my business. You all truly have made this dreamer a wonderfully happy gal and I couldn’t have asked for a better year. I have a small token of my appreciation that will be hitting your snail-mailboxes by Christmas and I hope you’ll love it. Until then, please know that I’m very thankful, very appreciative, very overwhelmed by your support, faith and encouragement that has made my business such a success in 2010.

Now, on with Cyber Monday.

I posted on my Facebook page about the Cyber Monday sale. I had originally planned to open it up at 12:01 a.m., but have since decided to give you all an early start on your purchases, as I know some of you have to work tomorrow and can’t get online.

I have 3 Cyber Monday specials that are available, and they are all amazing deals. Call 573.724.9202 or email me to get in on the Cyber Monday deals. These are a great way to get some awesome savings for family, friends, business clients, or even yourself! Make sure you don’t let these deals pass you by!