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Calling All 2009-10 Seniors!

With the end of a school year, the next one breeds a new class of SENIORS!!! I remember feeling so pumped about the summer of my senior year. I broke up with the bad boyfriend, got a new haircut(the “Rachel” cut, as we remember all too well), went on vacation with my two best friends, and I was ready to make my last year in high school a lot of fun.

And it was.

Man, we had a blast, oh did we. School was fun, especially since we were seniors, but we lived for the weekends. I spent more time with my two besties after losing the ball and chain (and drama) and we were going to live it up. Well, about as much as you can in a conglomerate of small towns. Cruisin’ around the ‘Ville with our interior light on, getting in trouble(not too bad), going shopping, our one night camping out on Black Island. Yeah, fun times.

Point is, there were many highlights to my senior year, in school and out. I played sports, worked, studied, applied for scholarships, and had fun. Oh, and I had senior pics taken, which I was excited about getting done. You know, because I’d never had professional pics taken. So yeah, J. Wade made me feel like a rock star! Or a not-so-long-legged supermodel!

And that’s where this post leads me: I too want to make seniors feel like rock stars, supermodels, GQ hotties, whatever floats your boat. In other words, I want to make you look like you don’t belong in the Bootheel!

Right now, I’m booking 2009-10 Seniors for their fab senior photo shoot. Seeing that as the summer progresses, so does my pregnancy, therefore, you seniors need to book ASAP for summer sessions. Fall sessions will be very limited until after the birth of my new addition in October.

But hurry, because just like your senior year, these spots won’t last long! Specials will apply for the first 5 senior bookings!* Think rep cards, extra prints, and more for FREE!

Call me at 573.724.9202, email stephaniegreenwell@sbcglobal.net, or send a message via Facebook.

*Sessions booked after January 31, 2010 will incur a rush order fee of $50.

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May 28, 2009 - 2:51 pm

Mary Marantz - these shots are AWESOME!!