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BIG AWE-nnouncement! (No, I’m not pregnant!)

Brennan opened the back door where I was sitting in the garage, sorting through a box of pictures. He said to me, “Does summer begin in April?” How I wished I could say yes, but I responded, “No, spring is in April, summer begins in June.”

“NO! IT! ISN’T!!”
“Yes it is. Actually spring begins in March…” (He cuts me off.)
“Ooh, that’s my birthday, Mama.”
“Yes, it is. So, like I was saying, spring begins in March and summer begins in April.”
Door shuts. Case Closed.

He wasn’t that interested in arguing since he got excited that his birthday is coming up. So my point is, I. AM. SO. READY. FOR. SPRING!!!

I sooo am. This has seemed like the looooooongest winter, and though I always look forward to the next season, I am really ready for warmer weather. Mother nature flirted with the idea this weekend, what with her temps in the 60s, beautiful sunshine, and a light breeze she blew on us. Harmless flirting, no less, but it made me want more. More sunny days, more breezes, more short-sleeve-and-shorts-let’s-get-out-and-play days.

So, then ideas started running, no racing, through my head, but I’m not quite ready to announce what I’m comtemplating. But I will hint, er, flirt, with you by just saying that it is about photography and Mother Nature.

Stay tuned for updates. I promise I’ll make good on flirting, I’ll even set a date!

Until then, I just wanted to post some images of Mother Nature’s biggest fans! Also, more Ice Storm ’09 images will be posted soon.

Have a great week and keep checking back! UPDATE: Go check out the annoucement!