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{Featured} The Infamous Banned Image | Southeast Missouri Photographer

Remember this image? The one that got reported because of my baby girl’s naked booty back last September? Well, I did a little photoshopping and painted some cute little pink panties on her booty. Then I submitted it to a few contests last week.

I’m happy to announce that this image won two Top Ten contests this week at Spark and Angie Marie Photography, and was featured on Facebook pages of The Dark Room, Love Photographs Beautifully, and Snap Maven!

So, while it wasn’t my original image (because God knows I don’t want to go through that whole ‘image reporting’ hassle again! LOL), I do still love this “pink panties” version of it as well! And it’s a nice reminder that warmer days are ahead – I’m so ready to get back outside with my little ones to play in the sun!

boy kissing girl siblings sunset toy lawn mower stroller southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell


{Babies} Snow Babies of the Polar Vortex | Southeast Missouri Photographer

We may be experiencing a polar vortex, but you can’t deny how adorable this little ones are in the snow in this forest of trees! I super love this sled that I purchased with my little clients in mind for snow sessions. Thankfully, we actually got use it this year, since we’ve had more snow and ice this year than I can ever remember having! They didn’t like being in the sled at first, and it took a few moments to capture the shots of these pretty snow babies actually enjoying it, but it was so worth the effort and sitting my hiney in the frozen snow and ice!

baby in snow field sled forest handmade hat southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell

baby in snow field siblings sled forest grove southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell

baby in snow field sled forest southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell


{Landscape} Winter Sunset Over the Frozen Pond | Southeast Missouri Photographer

It was cold late this afternoon, but I’ve been dying to capture the ice-covered trees with the sun glistening over them. I loved today’s beautiful winter sky, and I’ve been wanting to capture this pond for several months now. On our way home school today, I knew what my next landscape shoot would be: this pond frozen over, with the ice-covered trees illuminated by the setting sun. I had to park several hundred feet away from this location, and trek through ice and cold winds, and even had a few honks from passers-by that I know, but I am super pleased to have captured this gorgeous winter scene. The only casualty was getting my truck stuck twice, but I managed to maneuver my way out of the ice and ruts.

frozen pond southeast missouri hayti ice trees sunset winter shamrock southeast missouri photographer


{Featured} I Heart Faces 50 Beautiful Newborn Photos to Inspire You | Southeast Missouri Photographer

What a special surprise to start of this week! One of my favorite newborn images made the “top 50 beautiful newborn photos to inspire you” on the the widely popular and wildly inspirational photography community I Heart Faces! Thank you to my clients for allowing me the opportunity to capture this very special image!

newborn lifestyle vintage sofa couch home southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell


{Photo-A-Day Project 2014} No. 22 | Southeast Missouri Child Photographer

Photo-A-Day | Documenting my children throughout the year.

kids jumping on bed laughing lifestyle home southeast missouri photographer stephanie greenwell

You two are so funny together.
It’s like you’re best friends.
And I hope you stay that way.
Tonight, I let you two jump on the bed.
It’s your favorite thing to do.
Since it’s been too cold
To jump on the trampoline,
Bed-jumping will have to suffice.
The bed has truly been a great investment,
And boy, does it ever make you both happy!
You’re learning to say Cooper’s name now -
“Boopah!” “Boopah!”
And we all just think it’s the sweetest,
Especially since Cooper still says, “Hah-puh”.
I’ll never tire of the way little kids talk,
With complete removal of the “R” from the alphabet,
And “W” taking the place of the letter L.
My baby boy, I’m so proud of how you watch out for her.
Holding her hand.
Guiding her along.
Scolding her when she nears danger.
Like getting too close to the edge of the bed.
Of course, you yank her down like a WWE wrestler,
But whatever it takes to protect her.
I think the bond between you two
Comes from the fact that you both are the “babies”,
The ones not in school.
The ones who still get away with
Standing on the kitchen table,
Dipping your hands in our glasses for ice,
Making random messes after a long day,
Throwing cat food in the dog’s water,
Pouring cups of water on the bathroom floor,
And smacking one of your older siblings.
Because let’s face it,
Sometimes the older ones have to assert their age,
and well, you get to do the same.
But at the end of the day,
The easy-going, care-free days,
The long-standing, tired-and-drained days,
The whatever-goes days,
There’s a bond between all of you.
And my babies,
Full of spirit,
and entertaining,
and joyful,
and happy little jumping beans,
The best part of it all is hearing,
“I wuv you, Hah-pah.”
And you smile so big, baby girl.
I look forward to the day when I get to hear,
“I wuv you too, Coopah.”

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